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Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Second Time Around

Like most of us, I sit in front of my computer, day after day, planning what I'm going to do about [insert goal here].

Luckily, there are some goals I committed to that I haven't given up on. I quit smoking and have stuck to that. Yeah, I miss it sometimes. But I don't miss the burning in my chest when I go for a run by the waterfront. So that's the trade off, no cigarette with my morning coffee, but no chest burn after 4 miles.

I started the running again after a whole winter of inactivity. It was time. Goals somehow get renewed in the Spring.

This Spring, I was glad to see the "return" of a great, mostly unsung Latina, Mildred Carrillo.

Not that long ago she was everywhere there were Latino events, like a Latina VISA card. Then suddenly...nothing.

Why did it matter? It happens alot I'm told. You burn out or your priorities change.

But, you see, this was different. Mildred was different. She formed Latinos411 to keep Latinos in the NY area informed of Latino events. She boasted one of the most extensive mailings lists of Latino professionals in the area, but not for profit...but out of passion por su gente. (WTF?!)

It's great to see the recent "return" of Mildred and the Latinos411. Every bit helps to keep us connected with one another. HPNG, AHE, LISTA, NSHMBA, ALPFA and all the other Hispanic organizations and associations do their best to keep us all informed, but not the way Mildred does it.

Welcome back Mildred, you were missed.

To join the Latinos411 distribution list, send an email to her at: mildred@Latinos411.com


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