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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Because Nothing's Better Than More

HPNG is presenting two financial workshops this month. Two?

Sure, different needs, different times of the day and to a large extent, different midsets.

When I spoke with Prudential's Ricky Villa regarding the March 13th workshop, we were discussing the target audience. From my perspective, we've all heard about investing, growing your money, etc.

But do we really do it?

What if you don't have money to grow? Wouldn't a better topic be, How to Get Money (So You Can Grow It)?

And here's where the discussion really took off.

We have the money, whether it's in our bank account or not. Helping ourselves saves us money. For example, me getting on Zyban to quit smoking not only saves my lungs, but trips to doctor with chest infections, thus no doctor bills, medication bills, co-pays, etc. (I've been cigarette free 3 weeks and counting in case you were wondering.) It's the little things.

Don't we know that already? Do we? Out of my four brothers, only me and one of them have a checking account. A checking account! We're not talking immigrant Mexicans here, we're talking about second generation Mexican Americans with college degrees. So why the financial ignorance?

Like myself, most Latinos I knew growing up didn't hear about these things from their parents, so we figured it out on our own.

Then came "the biggest minority in the U.S." bit, and companies started to salivate even more to pitch their wares to us.

The way I see, it doesn't matter who we learn it from as long as they're legit, but we should learn it.

Here's your chance.


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