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Monday, May 14, 2007

What Do You Do??

4 years and counting...

HPNG celebrates its 4th Year Anniversary on May 31st. How it all began is detailed in a previous post. Why it will continue is posted here.

Sometimes it begins as an accident, sometimes as a premeditated action. In HPNG's case, a little of both. But as it grows, you ask yourself, "should I continue?"

I was once asked if I ever thought of just quitting HPNG because producing an event, month after month can be a hassle. I said, "every month." But as I discovered, I don't just produce networking events, I empower Latinos.

HPNG speakers don't always just "do" their job, it's about something bigger altogether. Tapping into that purpose is what gets you through the day. Juan Guillen doesn't just publish a magazine, he's actually brought sexy back (just look at April's cover of DTM Magazine). Mindy Figueroa didn't just propose the direction that an animated children's show should take. She created a platform that allows non-Hispanic children to project themselves in a new way and in a new language.

My deepest thanks to the past speakers who will join us for our 4th year anniversary celebration. It's what you do that inspires and empowers the rest of us.

So...what do you do?? (dig deep, it's in there...)


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