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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Chembo's New CD “For The Rest Of Your Life”


New York, June 1, 2007. - The second stellar CD by Wilson “Chembo” Corniel “For The Rest Of Your Life” , is the culmination of over three decades of success and musical growth by percussionist and bandleader “Chembo” Corniel. Released under his own label Chemboró Records, Inc. (CR 1002) “For The Rest Of Your Life” hit the streets this week with a freshness and vitality that will bring Jazz & Latin Jazz aficionados to their feet across the United States and the world. “I wanted to record an album that reflects my experiences playing both Jazz and traditional Latin rhythms, This CD takes my music to another level.”

“For The Rest Of Your Life ” is an eclectic musical memoir from first-call session musicians…a musical autobiography. Adding to this effort is Jazz great drummer/singer Mr. Grady Tate who’s silky voice adds grace and elegance. Chembo’s quintet “Grupo Chaworó” weaves in and out of traditional and modern textures with Jazz harmonies and grooves. The quintet consists of “Chembo” on percussion, Ivan Renta on tenor sax & soprano, Tino Derado on piano, Ruben Rodriguez on bass and Vince Cherico on drums. Also featured on the album is Bobby Percelli, John Walsh, John Dimartino, Pedro Martinez, Oriente Lopez, Pedro Domech, Louie Bauzo, Lisa Maria Salb.

For those that appreciate the fact that Latin Jazz is not one-dimensional, this CD is a breath of fresh air. The band cuts loose on top of masterfully manipulated rhythms such as mambo, rumba de cajón, guaguancó, bomba, abacuá, bolero, chachachá, batá, songo, and straight ahead jazz. The different tempos and moods remind us of the elegance and power of Latin Jazz when interpreted through the hands of real maestros. It is creative, eye-opening, and unpredictable, true to the free spirit of Jazz, and to the rhythmic alchemy of it's African percussive and choreographic origins.

For additional information on Wilson “Chembo” Corniel & Grupo Chaworó”
Visit the website www.chembocorniel.com , www.myspace.com/chemboro
Or call: (201) 218-2794


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