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Thursday, June 07, 2007

It's Just a Story

The Alma Awards were outstanding. Not only because they deserved the awards they received (they all did), but because an interesting story unfolded. I went to the kitchen during the commercial break and heard a commercial in Spanish...wtf??

I mean, that's great, but...wow...

Luckily, I'm bilingual so I knew what was going on. Or do I? I had mixed feelings about the Spanish commercials on a non-Spanish station. Everyone wants a "piece" of the Latino market (including other Latinos).

However, was that fair to non-Spanish speaking people? I don't believe so. I believe the message being sent was "we're so hungry for 'those' dollars, we're willing to put you out for a few minutes to reach that audience. By "you" they mean those who don't speak Spanish and don't expect to see Spanish language commercials on ABC.

I believe the intended message to Latinos during the Awards was, "we care that you understand our commercials."

Interesting. I wish you cared enough to have Latino hosts for programs about the Latin America.


Blogger Vicky Ayala said...

In response to your post about Spanish language commercials during the telecast of the Alma awards, I agree about the mixed feelings however my feelings tend to lean more towards "insulted." It's no secret that everyone is trying to capitalize on the "Hispanic" market but to air Spanish language commercials on an English language network is an insulting assumption to make that all Hispanics are the same. Chances are that if someone is watching ABC they understand English. To assume a Spanish language commercial will capture our attention is condescending. Many US-born Hispanics don't speak Spanish but still identify with the culture. Recognizing our accomplishments by airing the Alma awards show was enough to gain our respect. Exploiting our community and grouping all Hispanics together by airing the Spanish language commercials was pushing it.

12:38 AM  

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