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The Hispanic Professionals Networking Groups seeks to increase the visibility of Hispanic business professionals by fostering a great unity through networking opportunities. NEW YORK * MIAMI

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) New Jersey 2008

Rod Colon, CEO ETP Network and HPNG Member; Elizabeth Ricciardelli, SVP, Citi; Ivonne Diaz Classe, president HISPA; Alberto Morales, senior finance director Schering Plough; Michael Negron, managing director and founder Negron Consulting.
On April, 16th, 2008, the NSHMBA-New Jersey was host to its 2008 Kickoff Event at Schering Plough World Headquarters in Kenilworth, NJ. The theme of this years Kickoff was “Get Connected: The Power of Building your Professional Network,” and the event gathered close to 100 attendees. The evening was marked by a very distinguished panel who gave great insight on building professional networks and the level of engagement of attendees in the networking session that followed.

The event started with a welcome from Brigitte Gonzalez, president
NSHMBA-New Jersey, who talked of NSHMBAʼs mission and vision and our progress as a new chapter in New Jersey. Attendees also received a welcome from Frank Pacheco, Lead Talent Strategist Schering Plough. Then, Michael Negron, founder and managing director Negron Consulting, mediated the panel discussion which included our distinguished panelists; Albert Morales, senior finance director of Schering Plough; Elizabeth Riccardelli, SVP, director of professional development for Citi; Ivonne Díaz-Claisse, president of HISPA (Hispanics Inspiring Students' Performance and Achievement); and Rod Colón, founder and CEO of ETP (Empowering Todayʼs Professional) Network. All the panelists offered great insight into the importance of networking as an ongoing process; the importance of having an elevator speech; the importance of developing.

Article Submitted by: Brigitte Gonzalez
Email: mbg_bridge@yahoo.com
Chapter: NSHMBA-New Jersey

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Praise for the 2008 HPNG Latino Leadership Conference


I write to compliment you -- to congratulate you -- on the outstanding Latino Leadership Conference you organized last week and which I had the pleasure of attending. First, the conference did what it said it would do: define, develop and exploit leadership opportunities for Latinos. Second, every speaker was outstanding. Third, everything was on schedule. Fourth, the logistics, the hospitality, the organization, the venue were first rate in every respect. And finally, the reception allowed people to pursue their agendas in a lovely setting with nice food and refreshments. First class all the way!

I learned a lot, networked with many old friends and made many new ones, and thoroughly enjoyed the entire day. So, thank you for inviting me. It was great!

Frank Gómez
Strategic Alliances-Public Affairs Executive
Communications & Public Affairs



The event was enlightening and powerful. Thousands will be attending this event globally – I know it! Meeting with Leslie Sanchez and Lt. General Sanchez were highlights of a spectacular day.

- Rod Colon


Ali darling!!!! Que buen evento!!!! Felicitaciones por la calidad de los presentadores, la audiencia, los temas, la comida, las instalaciones!!! I mean... Not that I expected any less from you but my God!!! You outdid yourself!!!!!

- Mariela Dabbah


Hi Ali,

It was an awesome conference. I made a lot of great contacts today thanks to you, Ali. I just
thought that everyone was so genuine. The presenters were great. I went away feeling as if I had taken a giant leap forward.

- Sarah Bisconte