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Thursday, December 23, 2010

20 Free Songs from iTunes - From Our Friends at Remezcla

From HPNG friend, supporter and all around cool cat: REMEZCLA, Happy Holidays.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Career advice from HPNG partner and friend, Rod Colon

Career advice from HPNG partner, contributor and all around business sage, Mr. Rod Colon of ETP Network.


This is the list I referenced yesterday on our Radio Show – Your Career Is Calling:

Positive Attitudes Blend with the CEO of ME, Inc.

Anyone can willfully adopt the right attitude. No matter where you’re from or how much innate talent you have, the right attitude can make a difference in your career. Try adopting these 10 attitudes of successful workers (from an article by Kate Lorenz, Editor, CareerBuilder.com):

1. I am in charge of my destiny.

If you want something bad enough, you must “make it happen.” Don’t expect good fortune to fall out of the sky and into your lap. There’s a huge difference between wanting something and executing a well-planned strategy for obtaining it.

2. Anything is possible.

Many of us blindly accept the notion that some things are just “impossible.” As a result, we often make no attempt to reach for them. The reality is that people around the world achieve what they previously considered impossible by being relentless in their pursuit of it.

3. No task is too small to do well.

Those who are serious about getting ahead in life assign importance to all tasks, regardless of their size. They realize that others are watching and evaluating their performance — even on the small stuff.

4. Everyone is a potential key contact.

None of us ever know ahead of time who will become a key contact or perhaps an important business ally. That means it’s essential to treat everyone with dignity and respect at all times.

5. I was made to do this job ... and the one above me.

Enthusiasm is contagious. When you bring enthusiasm to the table, you get noticed … and you never know when someone noticing could turn out to be a key decision-maker.

6. It's not just what I know, but who I know.

It’s unwise to entrust your personal success to your intellect alone, smart as you may be. In the 21st century jobscape, you must become a masterful connector and networker. It’s more important now than ever before to understand the economic power contained within relationships.

7. What else can I do?

We’re all busy and we only get 24 hours in a day. But taking on extra work, volunteering, and offering time without getting paid for it is a sign of someone who is committed to success. This is the kind of energy and commitment that gets noticed — and rewarded!

8. Failure helps pave the way to success.

It sounds odd, but failure is often the best thing that can happen to us. Why? It highlights weaknesses and imperfections, providing a perfect starting point for new growth.

9. I am my own biggest fan.

When does exuding self-confidence cross the line into bragging? Most CEOs know how to display a healthy self-image without letting it get out of control. And it’s important to understand this: Having a healthy self-image is part of what makes you attractive to the business community.

10. My opportunity monitor is never turned off.

Opportunities are all around us all the time; it’s just that many of us “tune them out” when we get extra busy or pressed for time. The opportunity monitor must be left in the “on” position so that the truly great ones don’t slip by unnoticed.

Rod Colón
Speaker, Author, Career Coach
Weekly Co-Host of Radio Show "YOUR CAREER IS CALLING".
CEO and Founder of Empowering Today's Professionals.
Running the Business of "ME"

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