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The Hispanic Professionals Networking Groups seeks to increase the visibility of Hispanic business professionals by fostering a great unity through networking opportunities. NEW YORK * MIAMI

Friday, June 29, 2007

It's More Than Networking - HPNG Miami

HPNG was introduced at the Latin Business Club networking event on Tuesday, June 26th as its new partner.

What does that mean? Well for starters, HPNG will introduce its speaker series the way we do in NY. We will get to chat will all the Latino luminaries in the Miami area the same way we bring you those in NY.

The event at the Doral Park Country club was very well attended by the networking set. The ladies of Spiral events, Beatriz Alonso and Carla Anguiano, kept the event organized and moving along. Dewar's provided the luscious libations that kept us buzzing, thanks Dewar's!

Then we were off to the Royal Palm Hotel in South Beach for the Ad:tech Conference afterparty sponsored by Batanga. Latino luminary Rafael Urbina and his very dapper crew made sure the beautiful people were well fed and buzzing some more. Thanks Batanga!

And speaking of Latino luminaries, at the hotel skypool I bumped into the newly minted Batanga boys, David Chitel and Frank Valencia, formerly of LatComm NY. Great to see our former HPNG speakers hanging out with our
future HPNG speakers.

Thanks to all the HPNG supporters who showed up to our first joint event. We're looking forward to many more.

Seen at the scene: Alfredo Cepero, Barbie Cordero, Cezary Cwintal, Luis Rivas, Alex Aponte, Felipe Madrigal, Isabel Saenz, Vijay Shah, Heather Curi, Veronica Schwitzer, Lucio Liranzo, Eduardo Andrade, Orlando Herrera, Osterman Matos, Elizabeth Baez, Antonio Pinheiro and many others.

Casting Call - Kids

A friend's casting company is looking to cast kids for a movie. Also, other actor roles available.

Make sure you put in the promo code 18.


In Praise Of HPNG

Hi Ali,

After attending the networking event you put on last night, I was thoroughly impressed.

I wish I hadn't had a previous commitment so I could have stayed and chatted with your guests. I've gone to networking events before, but the speaker/moderator at this event were having a high level conversation. It was wonderfully insightful! Well done!

Gracias otra vez,

Surelys Galano

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Score One for the Underdog


Look deep inside you. It's there...the art, the passion, the real you just waiting to burst out.

Your jaw will drop.

Paul Potts

Friday, June 15, 2007

HPNG Miami

After a hiatus, HPNG returns to sunny Miami once again. This time, with more thrills than ever before! (Okay, maybe thrills isn't the right word...)

We've teamed up with dynamic duo Monica Puig and Mark Sandate of Latin Business Club to bring you a spectacular event at the Doral Park Country Club on June 26th. HPNG will kick of its speaker series August.

Like our NY format, we'll get to speak with the Latino leaders in the area, the scene makers and the professionals who inspire.
Also joining the mix will be the Miami Chapter of LISTA.

Don't miss it, I'll see you there!


Wednesday, June 13, 2007


HPNG's 4th Year Anniversary Party pictures are here, courtesy of graphic designer extraordinaire, Juan Aycart.

Ok...he's no Ansel Adams, but his effort was sincere:


Thursday, June 07, 2007

It's Just a Story

The Alma Awards were outstanding. Not only because they deserved the awards they received (they all did), but because an interesting story unfolded. I went to the kitchen during the commercial break and heard a commercial in Spanish...wtf??

I mean, that's great, but...wow...

Luckily, I'm bilingual so I knew what was going on. Or do I? I had mixed feelings about the Spanish commercials on a non-Spanish station. Everyone wants a "piece" of the Latino market (including other Latinos).

However, was that fair to non-Spanish speaking people? I don't believe so. I believe the message being sent was "we're so hungry for 'those' dollars, we're willing to put you out for a few minutes to reach that audience. By "you" they mean those who don't speak Spanish and don't expect to see Spanish language commercials on ABC.

I believe the intended message to Latinos during the Awards was, "we care that you understand our commercials."

Interesting. I wish you cared enough to have Latino hosts for programs about the Latin America.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Give Them What They Want

Taken from Rod Colon's regularly published compilation of tips and advice for professionals.

Give Clients What They Really Want
by Keith Ferrazzi

Build real personal relationships with your clients--so they'll
reveal to you what they really want, what could really drive their
decision but can't be written in an RFP.

You may remember the 1990 movie Crazy People in which Dudley Moore
plays an advertising executive whose idea to write "honest"
advertising copy like the following lands him in an insane asylum:

Volvo... they're boxy, but they're safe.
Porsche...you can't get laid in one, but you will once you get out.

As outrageous as those taglines were, they were successful in the
movie (and probably would have been in real life, too) because they
spoke to what people really wanted--far beyond what car companies
learn from customers in rank-the-features surveys. In these cases,
customers didn't just want cars that got them from point A to point
B. They bought a Volvo for the peace of mind and the Porsche for a
new hope of finding romance.

Our organizations face the same problem automakers do. I certainly
don't think my firm's marketing and sales consulting services or
training offerings are anywhere close to commodities. I believe we
have deeper insight, more experience, a watertight methodology.
laundry list of reasons why we can provide value no one else can. I
bet you feel the same way about your core products and services. But
the truth is that many other organizations claim to have the same
things we have. And if you delude yourself thinking that what's on
your website and printed marketing collateral is significantly
different from what others have written down, then you're full of

That's why we have to build real personal relationships with our
clients--so they'll reveal to us what they really want, what could
really drive their decision but can't be written in an RFP. Then,
and only then, do we get opportunities to offer generous solutions
to their problems that convince them to purchase our core products
and services.

You have to approach them as people as well as professionals. Show
them you're human by letting your guard down. Share your passions
and learn about theirs. See yourself as a combination of consultant,
life coach, therapist, and friend. Ask insightful questions,
actively listening for what really motivates or frustrates them
personally. Then, when you have a deep understanding of what they
really want, try to bundle a solution that, first and foremost,
solves one of their problems and, ideally, includes your product or

This method might require you to find outside partners to deliver--
yet another reason to develop larger networks of friends. In fact,
the first couple things you "sell" to someone may have nothing at
all to do with your own product.

For example, I frequently strengthen relationships with clients by
aiding their personal career pursuits, entirely separate from what
they're procuring from my firm. When I learned that one of my
clients ultimately wants to be in politics, I got him invited to
join an advisory council to Bill Clinton comprised of people under
age 40. When another client confided in me his desire to be an
actor, I took him to dinner with a leader of William Morris Agency.
A third client was struggling with earning the respect of his CEO,
so in addition to the consulting services we provided his
organization, we coached him personally on how to leverage the work
we were doing and even just how to behave in the CEO's staff
meetings to build the credibility he needed to become a key player
in the executive team.

Another person who has a knack for giving clients what they really
want is Ty Pugh, a Seattle-based financial advisor. The financial
products and services he has to sell are true commodities. You can
get the same stuff from many other places. But Ty is building
lasting relationships for revenue growth by providing clients
additional investment opportunities in real estate, independent of
his core offerings.

After Ty made a personal investment in a waterfront resort community
in North Carolina, he generously made the opportunity available to
many others. He convinced the developers to lease a jet to fly
investors from Seattle to the east coast. He brought in former
professional football player Nesby Glasgow to serve as the real
estate agent and to lend some cachet to the deal. And he invited 42
investors to check out a new investment opportunity, take a free
trip to a beautiful resort community while hobnobbing with a pro
athlete, and get to know a whole bunch of like-minded investors.

This amazing demonstration of how he's much more than your average
financial advisor won Ty clients in the developers, the real estate
agent, and some of the investors. You, too, can make your business
boom if you find and deliver what clients really want before selling
your core product.

Monday, June 04, 2007

A Rant from A Reader

I am a big travel fan and travel at least 3-5 times a year, national and international ---- I love watching discovery, food network, PBS, and the Travel Channel; and I just saw a new program that was being advertised - Samantha Brown: Passport to Latin America
and although it seems to be a promising and interesting show, it upsets or better yet frustrates me that the majority of these shows that delve into the Latin culture always have an Anglo host as the expert and connoisseur of Latin cuisine and culture. I am honestly getting so tired of this, its like me going to Norway and acting like the expert of all Scandinavian things.

I am tired of seeing the curious, and hard-trying Anglo trying to pronounce the words correctly, or portraying the shy, befuddled, and quirky personality who is there to honestly look like a fool/fish out of water --- why not a LATINO????

Everyone wants in on the Latin market and world these days, but they just don't want a Latino on the forefront...

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Chembo's New CD “For The Rest Of Your Life”


New York, June 1, 2007. - The second stellar CD by Wilson “Chembo” Corniel “For The Rest Of Your Life” , is the culmination of over three decades of success and musical growth by percussionist and bandleader “Chembo” Corniel. Released under his own label Chemboró Records, Inc. (CR 1002) “For The Rest Of Your Life” hit the streets this week with a freshness and vitality that will bring Jazz & Latin Jazz aficionados to their feet across the United States and the world. “I wanted to record an album that reflects my experiences playing both Jazz and traditional Latin rhythms, This CD takes my music to another level.”

“For The Rest Of Your Life ” is an eclectic musical memoir from first-call session musicians…a musical autobiography. Adding to this effort is Jazz great drummer/singer Mr. Grady Tate who’s silky voice adds grace and elegance. Chembo’s quintet “Grupo Chaworó” weaves in and out of traditional and modern textures with Jazz harmonies and grooves. The quintet consists of “Chembo” on percussion, Ivan Renta on tenor sax & soprano, Tino Derado on piano, Ruben Rodriguez on bass and Vince Cherico on drums. Also featured on the album is Bobby Percelli, John Walsh, John Dimartino, Pedro Martinez, Oriente Lopez, Pedro Domech, Louie Bauzo, Lisa Maria Salb.

For those that appreciate the fact that Latin Jazz is not one-dimensional, this CD is a breath of fresh air. The band cuts loose on top of masterfully manipulated rhythms such as mambo, rumba de cajón, guaguancó, bomba, abacuá, bolero, chachachá, batá, songo, and straight ahead jazz. The different tempos and moods remind us of the elegance and power of Latin Jazz when interpreted through the hands of real maestros. It is creative, eye-opening, and unpredictable, true to the free spirit of Jazz, and to the rhythmic alchemy of it's African percussive and choreographic origins.

For additional information on Wilson “Chembo” Corniel & Grupo Chaworó”
Visit the website www.chembocorniel.com , www.myspace.com/chemboro
Or call: (201) 218-2794

Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm Gonna Need A Bigger Space for Next Year

First of all, thank you all so much for making the HPNG 4th Year Annivesary Party such a success.

Thanks again to my awesome speakers, Juan Guillen, Sara Alvarez, Frank Gomez and Juan Manuel Benitez. And although the lovely ladies, Laura Martinez, Leslie Sanchez and Mindy Figueroa were late and didn't get a chance to address the audience, they did make it and that's what counts.

Special thanks to Leticia Reyes, Adele Farina, Dee Sepulveda, Rossy Castillo, Hector Reyes, Juan Aycart, Andre Gratto, Robert Skelly of Neuman's, Luis Vasquez of Casa de Vinos, Richard Serpica & David Hood of Elmo and the Unites States Securities Commissioner for the State of North Dakota, Karen Tyler.

And of course, ALL OF YOU who attended. Whether it was for the first time or long time members, it was truly amazing and I can't thank you enough for your support.

See you in June!