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The Hispanic Professionals Networking Groups seeks to increase the visibility of Hispanic business professionals by fostering a great unity through networking opportunities. NEW YORK * MIAMI

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What's New With HPNG?

The HPNG Holiday Party was...cold. Fun, but cold. Thank you all who sailed the Hudson with us and toasted the Holidays as we passed by Lady Liberty.

There are new videos to watch, featuring Jean-Paul Renard (who's the best!) and photos from HPNG's October networking event featuring "La Sanchez."

Whisper announcement...The 2nd Annual HPNG Latino Leadership Conference is underway for May 24, 2010. While I'm still crafting an agenda unlike anything the world has ever seen, we've opened up registration to get a discount for early registrants. Make 2010 the year YOU become a leader.