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The Hispanic Professionals Networking Groups seeks to increase the visibility of Hispanic business professionals by fostering a great unity through networking opportunities. NEW YORK * MIAMI

Friday, March 30, 2007

In Praise of HPNG

Hello Ali!

It was a pleasure to have met you last night at the HPNG event. Lisa J. Ramsay, a photographer, invited me and I found the meeting to be diverse and a wonderful opportunity to network with progresive and successful Latino(a)s.

I made several valuable connections that will certainly become win-win situations and most importantly personal up front interactions that are sure to grow with time!

Frank Correa
Director of Training and Community Organizing
Green Worker Cooperatives
Bronx, New York

Thank You Juan Guillen, Great Job!

Juan Guillen , publisher of DTM Magazine spoke at last Thursday's HPNG event. But you knew that.

I knew he would great. He turned out to be fantastic.

Month after month, I go through tons of emails, invites, magazines and websites to find a speaker that has a compelling story to tell. A story that inspires us to take action and take a stand. Juan's story did that.

Marisol Medina, who comes from Miami every month just to attend HPNG events in NY, has prompted us to action.

HPNG's next event in Miami is scheduled for June 21, 2007. Tell your friends to sign up on the HPNG Miami page to be informed of the details.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Word is Out - Republica is IN

Since the launch of Republica's new eyeware, I've been keeping an eye out for media releases on Rafael's new line.

You're definitely IN when you hit Details magazine.

Viva La Republica!


Catalina TV set to Launch

HPNG's past speaker and friend, the always sassy, publisher of Catalina Magazine, Cathy Areu and her crew will be launching CATALINA TV on the Web.


CATALINA MAGAZINE launches Catalina TV

NEW YORK, NY—CATALINA, a leading Latina multimedia company, has announced the launch of CATALINA TV, a fresh blend of bi-lingual programming, found online at the company’s top - rankedwebsite - www.CatalinaMagazine.com.

CATALINA TV features exclusiveprogramming created by CATALINA award-winning content team based in New York City. Episodes currently include interviews with popularLatinas, such as People’s Court Judge Marilyn Milian, L Word actress Sarah Shahi, and actress Eva Mendes; behind-the-scenes footage of CATALINA cover photo shoots; fashion news, featuring Hispanic designers; health news promoting good, heart health for Latinas; and world news featuring UNICEF.

CATALINA TV is also syndicated, streaming its original, content to web sites including EGPNews.com, the oldest and largest chain of Hispanic owned bilingual newspapers in the

source: Hispanic PR Monitor - March 2007

Sunday, March 18, 2007

MTV Casting Call

MTV is casting for another reality show and lucky for you, my good pal Robert is the casting director. Check it out below below:


MTV is looking for people with a PASSION FOR FASHION and the ability to manage the calendar for a legend in the fashion community.

Do you have the motivation, determination; patience, organizational skills and most importantly the PERSONALITY to take on the role of assisting a famous fashion icon?

If so, we want you!

We're looking for serious, professional candidates who have a passion for organizing someone's life. Must be able to handle scheduling, have excellent phone skills and able to keep up with a fast paced schedule with long hours.

This is your chance to see the real world of fame and actually being a part of it from behind the scenes. You must have an interest and solid knowledge of fashion.

You will be competing to see if you have what it takes to handle the celebrity-crazed world. This is an opportunity to become a personal assistant and work for someone famous!
Want to Apply?

Write a short description telling us about yourself, your life, your dreams and why you are cut out for the job. For fastest consideration*, please send your name and contact information immediately to:

YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR NAME, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS AND PHOTO to be considered. We look forward to hearing from you!


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

MySpace vs. OurSpace

Got back on Sunday from sunny L.A. to find a sunny N.Y., cool stuff.

Here's what I've been hearing lately:

Get on MySpace!

How many friends do you have on MySpace?

HPNG should have page on MySpace...

Really? Because in MY space, (Elmo Lounge) we actually get to meet people and talk to them.

And for those of us over 16 yrs. old, that's important. It's also important if you're looking to make quality business contacts and need to know more about that person than what's their favorite band.

Collectively it becomes OurSpace, a shared environment where Latino professionals connect.

As more of our lives are led online, I'm glad we have our space.

MARCH Networking Event

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Because Nothing's Better Than More

HPNG is presenting two financial workshops this month. Two?

Sure, different needs, different times of the day and to a large extent, different midsets.

When I spoke with Prudential's Ricky Villa regarding the March 13th workshop, we were discussing the target audience. From my perspective, we've all heard about investing, growing your money, etc.

But do we really do it?

What if you don't have money to grow? Wouldn't a better topic be, How to Get Money (So You Can Grow It)?

And here's where the discussion really took off.

We have the money, whether it's in our bank account or not. Helping ourselves saves us money. For example, me getting on Zyban to quit smoking not only saves my lungs, but trips to doctor with chest infections, thus no doctor bills, medication bills, co-pays, etc. (I've been cigarette free 3 weeks and counting in case you were wondering.) It's the little things.

Don't we know that already? Do we? Out of my four brothers, only me and one of them have a checking account. A checking account! We're not talking immigrant Mexicans here, we're talking about second generation Mexican Americans with college degrees. So why the financial ignorance?

Like myself, most Latinos I knew growing up didn't hear about these things from their parents, so we figured it out on our own.

Then came "the biggest minority in the U.S." bit, and companies started to salivate even more to pitch their wares to us.

The way I see, it doesn't matter who we learn it from as long as they're legit, but we should learn it.

Here's your chance.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Rock On Deekron!

HPNG alum and East Coast circuit DJ, Deekron Greg has launched his much awaited fitness music CDs.

RockitWave8 compiles music for fitness instructors to play for their classes. Equinox uses RockitWave8 music for all their classes.

Here's the cool part, you can listen to the compilations from your computer, streamed from their website. These are FULL length mixes, not 30 second snippets.

I'm eagerly awaiting the CD releases to the general public (soon!). Sign up on their website to get updates and find out when you can buy yours.


Friday, March 02, 2007

Then I Saw This One

...and it made me sad

I Saw This on PostSecret

...and it made me smile

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Viva La Independencia!

My night at the DT Magazine party

Congratulations to Mr. Juan Guillen, Publisher of DTM for a great party last night. DTM was celebrating Dominican Independence Day. And, what's a party without HPNG in the house, so there I was.

Kudos to Jaime Rincon for bringing along the Dewar's. Is it me or is Dewar's at more Latin parties than Bacardi nowadays...? That's not a complaint, bring on the Dewar's!

Met interesting folks like JoAnn Yanez, a (get this) Naturophathic Physician. Nope, I had no idea what that was either. Now I do.

I also met a guy from a Latino party bus tour thing called Tour & Ruma, sounded fun, so I checked out the website.

Ran into the North Fork Bank crew, Denise Adams and Cesar Gomez along with Prudential's Ricky Villa. Lots of beautiful people and Latino rappers I didn't know.

I then cut out early...age I guess.