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Friday, April 27, 2007

Yup, He Was All That

Hosting was fun last night. The crowd was supercharged with Milton-ness. I've got to remember to bring a camera next time...if you're an avid photog and would like to volunteer to snap the pics at the next HPNG event, please let me know. Thanks for the comments:

I really enjoyed Milton's presentation last night as well as your kind words. I look forward to your next event.


Bank Leumi USA

Dear Ali,
What an excellent event last night and what a speaker! Your questions at the end were very appropriate and realistic.


Carmen de Jesus
Newsweek -Latin America Edition

Seen at the scene: Juan Guillen, Rey Polanco, the Espinoza brothers Milton & Gary, Adele Farina, Julia Rios, Juan Grajeda, dj Deekron, Kathya Bustamante, Esteban Quinones, Stefanie Lauria, Dee Sepulveda, Perla de Leon, Michael Johnson, Rosa Rosas, Pablo Aguilar, Edgar Torres, Roque Torres and many others.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Leadership and Goals

Today's the day. HPNG welcomes Milton Olave of Exito Latino.

Sure he's enthusiastic, and People en Español profiled him and Telefutura's Felipe Viel, but how effective are their strategies really?

Here are my thoughts: Leadership is about goals. Granted when the bar was low, life was nice and easy. But I guess as I got older, my ideas changed and I wanted tangible results for my efforts.

Courage, as I once told para-mi magazine, it's not about not being afraid, it's about moving ahead despite your fears. Courage = Guts.

The same way, leadership are goals. Without a specific goal to make something happen, it won't move forward. Leadership includes accountability of self (if you have the courage to accept it).

Complicated, sure. I guess it doesn't have to be, but I'm still sorting it all out. That's where Milton comes in.

I'm a believer in self-improvement, self-development, (blah, blah, blah...) but without an actual, measurable goal, it's just a belief.

To imbed the ideas in your head and your soul is what makes the difference between achieving and dreaming.

Granted, I still can't believe anyone can be that enthusiastic about everything the way Milton is, but maybe there's something to that after all. We'll find out.

BTW, I'm hosting tonight's event. It's been like six months since I last did it, so I was due for a turn.

What are your thoughts on leadership? Comments are welcome.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Job Posting: National Director - Theme Events

Position Title: National Director, Theme Events
Reports To: Founder, Autism Speaks
Location: NYC

PURPOSE: The purpose of this position is to raise money for Autism Speaks by spearheading the development, planning, and execution of successful fundraising theme (boutique) events for high net worth individuals and/or Fortune 100 corporations. The Director will provide the strategic vision and operational plan for national theme (boutique) events in conjunction with the Founder’s objectives. He/she will liaise with the Founder and Board of Directors and is responsible for assessing the financial viability of boutique special event ideas as generated by the Founder and Board.

Direct the development and expansion of the theme events function such as: concerts, high society luncheons/dinners, private major donor events (i.e., premiere party, Broadway show), select celebrity fundraisers, theme events for Fortune 100 corporations and private individuals Manage and cultivate ongoing relationships with the offices of external event leaders, Fortune 100 corporate partners, consultants, vendors and members of the Board of Directors. Liaise with the Founder and prospective board members who have the potential to contact key individuals who have the desire to create, support, and contribute to Autism Speaks prestigious, high end theme (boutique) events.

Theme (Boutique) Events
Direct the planning and execution of all theme events from inception to completion, including development, pre-planning, and coordination of hi-profile, prestigious boutique events and other significant events attended by high society, celebrity and high net worth individuals Work with individuals of corporate, social and celebrity prominence to plan private events within a prestigious circle, offering exceptional quality, personalized service and smooth execution Direct the efforts of external event management companies; oversee logistics and travel when necessary to coordinate events, ensuring personalized service Coordinate publicity for all theme events, in conjunction with Awareness/Communications Department and external Public Relations and/or advertising firm to ensure compliance with Autism Speaks branding efforts Travel extensively as needed to various locations where events will be held.

FinancialWork with Founder, President, EVP, and CFO in creating annual budget and expense management Ensure budgetary adherence/compliance.

Board and Volunteer RelationsWork with Founder and President to define revenue goals and maximize events based on their suggestions and creative vision Liaise with Founder and Board to identify and solicit high net worth individuals and Fortune 100 corporate sponsors for all boutique events.

LeadershipDemonstrate leadership by collaborating, sharing knowledge, and transferring skills to others in development, including special events and major gifts’ campaigns.


Bachelor’s Degree required; prefer Marketing or Communications specialty CMP (Certified Meeting Planner) or PMP (Project Management Professional) highly desired

Minimum 10 years experience in developing, planning, and executing theme (boutique) events; marketing background or communications experience is helpful Must have experience from inception to execution of prestigious high end events, including working closely with high net worth individuals and Fortune 100 corporations; political exposure desired Strong background with successful track record in event planning, logistics, and management required; production experience is highly desired.

Specialized Skills and Knowledge:
Direct all aspects of theme (boutique) event planning on a national level. Must possess strategic thinking capabilities along with the ability to communicate Organization’s vision and goals, both in oral and written communication form.

Efficient, results-driven, highly motivated, detail-oriented in order to manage multiple boutique events Outstanding interpersonal skills Ability to cultivate and retain key relationships High degree of self-assurance and professionalism required Strong project management skills essential in order to successfully oversee all boutique event planning and logistics Utilization of technology to facilitate fundraising High level proficiency in MS Office: Excel, PowerPoint, database programs Must travel 25-50% with flexibility to temporarily reside near the event site .

If you are interested, or know of anyone interested, please forward resumes to:

Thank you.

Friday, April 20, 2007

What Do I Do? I Empower Latinos!

I was at a social event and someone asked me, "What do you do?" Without hesitation I answered, "I empower Latinos!"

Three years ago, "I ran Hispanic networking events" and "produced conferences."

It kinda crept up on me actually, this new direction.

It was a balmy Spring night, May 2003, I sat around with Edelman's Heidi Eusebio and NY1 Noticias' Juan Manuel Benitez as they patiently listened to me rant about how bad Latino networking events were. "Non-Latino networking events," I complained, "really have it together. People aren't just there to pick each other up and get drunk. Is this really the best we can do as Hispanic professionals?"

So they talked me into producing my own networking events. Events that would focus on OUR community, reflected our concerns and ingnited our dreams of success. "If you build it," they said "we'll bring our friends." Fair enough.

It started at the Kitano Hotel. Not bad for our first event. However, me and the brave group of committee members like Leticia Reyes, Max Ramirez and Wanda Castillo found ourselves looking for a new "home" every month. The hassle of looking for a new place every month, coordinating the logistics of invitations, new locations and the newly added speakers series, took its toll.

Was this worth it? I though so.

Then came encouragement and support in the form of an email:

Dear Ali,

First, let me say I am grateful for the existence of HPNG and your courage in having formed this organization. It takes great courage and sacrifice to not merely walk a road less traveled but to actually pave a new road that may cause some to be uncomfortable. That's courage and I commend you highly for your beliefs, desires and positive acts. I believe HPNG to be a positive influence on me and other professionals in the Hispanic communities. I remember telling you that years ago I became part of a networking organization begun and geared by and for Hispanics that attempted to do what you have done. The problem is that it initiated and continued as a coffee-club event. People gathered at a chinese food restaurant during lunch hour in the city and spent the time eating and talking about things that had no relevance to any group or individual that would benefit Hispanic professionals looking at seriously networking.

After the 3rd meeting I disengaged myself and decided not to involve myself in any more Hispanic networking groups because it became nothing more than a chit chat club. (This was my view). I remember feeling disappointed and disgusted because while other groups have long understood and enacted upon the true significance of a networking group, I felt Hispanics have not and never would. For so many years I watched as other groups moved forward but Hispanics remained stagnant. I often thought of starting a Hispanic networking group; designed to go from point A to point Z in its' progressive escalating stages that would somehow benefit each and every member. I even designed a plan on how this would work; from conceptualization to realistic comprehension and completion. Alas, I discarded the idea. I write the above preamble so that you understand how difficult it was for me to attend even the first meeting. The fact that I attended the 2nd meeting and look forward to a 3rd is a positive in my book.

Ali, thank you again for enabling me to join you and others at the HPNG meetings. For now, I'm an apprentice learning all I can learn and sharing all I can share with my Latino & Latina professionals.

Muchas gracias,

T. Luis Cruz
Commonwealth Packaging Company

Then it hit me. This was about something else altogether. It's about providing a forum for collaboration and empowerment for the Hispanic professional community.

And that's how it all began.

The story continues...be a part of it on April 26th.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


As in...

reached my...

pushing the...

over the...

setting a higher...

- Winter/Spring in NY (reached my...)
- Run 4 more miles this week (pushing the...)
- Your bank card is denied because your bank failed to tell you what your max is (over the...)
- You look at your career, your goals and you think you've reached yours (limit). But you're reminded you can always set a higher...limit.

HPNG April Networking Event

Speaker: Milton Olave

Milton is the founder of Exito Latino, a Hispanic focused seminar company that empowers Latinos to harness the leader within them so that they may live a life full of abundance, prosperity and total self fulfillment.

Milton advises and consults with Fortune 500 companies, executives, managers and sales professionals in the areas of Peak Performance, leadership, organizational behavior, psychology of achievement and health. Milton’s list of clients include Exxon Mobil, Johnson and Johnson, JP Morgan Chase, Century 21, Coldwell Banker, Remax, Avon, Primerica, Mary Kay and many more.

- Spring weather will be here this weekend (dealing with the limit)
- I've added one more day to the running schedule (will push the limit)
- North Fork Bank called to apologize about the bank card (increased the limit)
- Interested to hear Milton's advice and strategies on setting a personal...higher limit.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Too Much of a Good Thing

(venting) I liked Evite when it first came out years ago. Cute templates, easy of use, managed rsvps well. Then it was "improved." Security was compromised and clever people could steal the email lists you had in your Evites. Then the next "improvement" came along. If you made one change, the whole template had to get re-edited along with a new color scheme. Now it's been "improved" so much, I had to abandon using it because it's practically unusable!

So there you have it, too much of a good thing...

On to other good things like the HPNG April networking event. It's not posted on the website yet, but will be up by Monday.

But here's the
online invite and rsvp form. I'm announcing it here first because when the invites go out on Monday, it will sell out.

That's all I'm going to say. You'll have to find out who this month's speaker is for yourself.

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Need a Job??

Latino recruitment seems to be in overdrive. The Arizona Republic made note of this in their article, Recruiters in hunt for Latino execs.

Of course, HPNG is in on the action, leading the State Farm Insurance Agent Recruiting Event series.

AXA is also actively seeking candidates, as the Latinos411 announcement informed us last week. HPNG's new partner, Chicago's HACE is paving the way for
Latino recruiting at UBS in NY. Also, HPNG is a supporting organization to HACE's May 3rd Career Conference at the Jacob Javits Center.

Latino Boom eloquently showed us why including Hispanics in corporate marketing plans should be considered standard practice. Looks like some paid attention.

And it's about time, I say.

And so it goes, the Latino recruitment starts to gain serious momentum. Will you be ready? Will you be able to compete? What can you do about it?

Stay tuned, HPNG will answer that question this month.

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The Second Time Around

Like most of us, I sit in front of my computer, day after day, planning what I'm going to do about [insert goal here].

Luckily, there are some goals I committed to that I haven't given up on. I quit smoking and have stuck to that. Yeah, I miss it sometimes. But I don't miss the burning in my chest when I go for a run by the waterfront. So that's the trade off, no cigarette with my morning coffee, but no chest burn after 4 miles.

I started the running again after a whole winter of inactivity. It was time. Goals somehow get renewed in the Spring.

This Spring, I was glad to see the "return" of a great, mostly unsung Latina, Mildred Carrillo.

Not that long ago she was everywhere there were Latino events, like a Latina VISA card. Then suddenly...nothing.

Why did it matter? It happens alot I'm told. You burn out or your priorities change.

But, you see, this was different. Mildred was different. She formed Latinos411 to keep Latinos in the NY area informed of Latino events. She boasted one of the most extensive mailings lists of Latino professionals in the area, but not for profit...but out of passion por su gente. (WTF?!)

It's great to see the recent "return" of Mildred and the Latinos411. Every bit helps to keep us connected with one another. HPNG, AHE, LISTA, NSHMBA, ALPFA and all the other Hispanic organizations and associations do their best to keep us all informed, but not the way Mildred does it.

Welcome back Mildred, you were missed.

To join the Latinos411 distribution list, send an email to her at: mildred@Latinos411.com

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mariela Dabbah in Business Week

Mariela Dabbah, leader of the hit HPNG workshop, Building Relationship Skills was interviewed by Business Week.

Mariela shares the link:


I just wanted to share with you some great news… I was interviewed by John Byrne, the executive editor of Business Week for a podcast. You can hear it on iTunes.

Click here to hear the podcast

HBO/NY International Latino Film Festival Short Film Competition

The bad boy of film festivals, Calixto Chinchilla is at it again.

HBO and The New York International Latino Film Festival (NYILFF) announced the 4th annual open call for entry for the HBO/NYILFF Short Film Competition.

The competition, created in 2004, seeks to foster films by Latino filmmakers and/or about the Latino experience. One winner will be chosen from among applicants to receive $15,000 in funding from HBO to produce and direct a short film (on digital video) based on an original script entry. The completed short will be considered for exhibition this summer at the 2007 New York International Film Festival in July and on any of HBO�s programming services.

As you may remember, HPNG invited Carlos Gutierrez, the first winner of the yearly competition to speak at our event.

The festival never disappoints and brings together outstading Latino talent to showcase their productions. Another HPNG pal, Mike Diaz, screened his film Juan Bago at the event last year for the first time.

The deadline for HBO-funded competition is May 4, 2007. For official rules, regulations and submission forms, log on to www.NYLatinoFilm.com

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cena en Espanol - April

HPNG pal, David Wolff is hosting his monthly "cena" for native Spanish speakers and for those who just want to practice with others.

The next Cena en Espanol will be on Thursday April 12 th at a place called Hell’s Kitchen that specializes in Nuevo Latino cooking. The food is awesome but the place is small so they're going to have to limit the group to 15 people.

Please RSVP if you would like to attend so that David can save you a spot.

As usual, drinks are at 5:30 and dinner at 7 pm. You’re welcome to come to either part or both parts.

Hell's Kitchen for Nuevo Latino Cooking
679 9th Avenue
(between 46th St & 47th St )

RSVP to David at: dwolff@us.imshealth.com

Monday, April 02, 2007

Noches de Pasarela :: Re-Loaded

Javier Pabon returns with a re-loaded version of Noches de Pasarela called Etiqueta Panache.

HPNG supported Javier's premier event at LQ where hot fashion collided with hot...well...you were there.

Etiqueta Panache is a social event where fashion and art come together. This event will have the honor to present the art of Luis Monje and the 2007 summer collection of the fashion designer Gina Velasco.

This event will take place at the second level of Nikki Midtown, located at 151 East, 50th street (between 3rd & Lexington Avenues) Thursday, April 5th at 7 P.M.

Entrance is free and free wine for early guests. Questions: ask Javier at pabonjavier@yahoo.com